Terms and Conditions

0. Definitions and Interpretations

"Agreement"; shall mean the understanding and acknowledgment of the listed Terms and Conditions below.
"Affiliate" shall mean the entity or individual that willingly becomes part of this Affiliate Program.
"Affiliates League" shall mean "Us", the provider and agent to use the casino platforms.
"Affiliate Program" shall mean the joint cooperation between "Affiliates League" and the "Affiliate", where the Affiliate will promote the Casino platforms on his website(s) or any other electronic promotional way and will generate new depositors for the Casino platforms. The "Affiliate" will be compensated for his work by a net revenue commission, defined under this agreement and based on the amount deposited by new registrants to the casino platforms.
"Affiliate Website(s)" shall mean the website(s) uploaded on the World Wide Web and controlled, supervised and maintained for commercial purposes by the "Affiliate".
"Casino platforms" shall mean the Casino websites operated by "Affiliates League".
"Commission" shall mean the revenue distributed to the "Affiliates" as the payment for his promotional work in the commission structure defined beforehand.
"The company" shall mean "Affiliates League" and all its dependencies whether websites or registered companies, whether financially reliant or superior independently linked entities.
"Confidential Information" shall mean any piece of information with a financial, essential or commercial value for all or some of the Parties. It includes customers' details, general records, reports financial or practical and conditions as well as know-how, prices, "trade secrets" and sale information, company data, database in general, operational and marketing strategies.
"Property Rights" shall mean any copyrights, domain names, business names, trademarks, inventions, rights in computer software, patents, brands, service marks, utility brands, source codes, design rights, rights in databases and general or specific know-how.
"Links" shall mean the content of hypertext from an Affiliate Website(s) to the Casino platforms.
"New Customer/ New player/First Time Depositor-FTD" shall mean a new registrant of the casino platforms managed by "Affiliates League", referred from an "Affiliate" website(s) or other electronic sources, which will, after registration deposit in real money for the first time, the minimum amount of 25, whatever the currency. The "New customer" will have to comply with the internal terms and conditions from each of the Casino platform for his registration and deposit to be considered valid as far as the affiliate's commission is concerned.
"Party" shall mean anyone working, participating, supplying, promoting, cooperating or joining "Affiliates League" with software, promotional electronic and non-electronic material, publicity paid or not, operational advice, operational devices and general or specific services in relation to the casino platforms and Affiliates League, from a distance or close up. The plural "parties" may be used under the same terms.
"Privacy Policy" shall mean the "privacy policy" and "Terms & Conditions" found at the footer of each of the casino platforms.

A. Introduction

(1) By signing up to the Affiliate program, "Affiliates League", the Affiliate acknowledges and subscribes with all the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
(2) This Agreement will bind the Affiliate as soon as the application submitted electronically through the site, but will only come into effect once Affiliates League has approved the application.

B. Fulfilling Conditions

The Affiliate confirms and assures:
(1) He has complete authority and ability as well as the necessary permits, consents and licenses to accept and fulfill this agreement;

(2) He is permitted according to local jurisdictions to operate and to carry out the activities related to Affiliates League, as defined in this agreement;

(c) He fully acknowledges and accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement.

C. Affiliates League Rights and Obligations

(1) Affiliates League will assess the affiliate and his application and will notify via email or other electronic ways the affiliate regarding the acceptance. Affiliates League reserves the right to decline applications for any reason or may request further information about the affiliate.

(2) After accepting the affiliate request to join the program, a deal will be set up and your affiliate manager will guide you through the back office and retrieve all necessary materials for the promotion of our brands. Your affiliate manager will respond to your needs throughout all the process.

(3) Affiliates League will be responsible for all services related to marketing of the casino platforms it supplies. Affiliates League will be responsible for providing the affiliate with the best and latest information about the casino platforms as well as the marketing material necessary, as expected in an affiliate program /affiliate partnership, like mailers, banners, links, landing pages, etc.

(4) Affiliates League will manage the general administration, the players, the deposits, the retention, the affiliate's commissions, keep of logs and statistics and everything related to the use of its casino platforms, generated by the affiliate via the affiliate's websites, whether or not the source was the material provided by Affiliates League. Affiliates League will do its utmost to provide the fullest and most complete commission statistics to its affiliates.

(5) Affiliates League will manage all aspect of the customer service in relation to the nature of the company's business. Affiliates League will make sure a unique tracking identification code will be tagged to all New Customers from its affiliate.

(6) Affiliates League will be responsible for paying the affiliate's commissions based on the referred new customers sent/redirected to the casino platforms, in concordance with the deal set beforehand with the assigned affiliate manager.

(7) Affiliates League reserves the right to decline, alter, close or cancel its affiliate program, and/or modify the provisions of this agreement at any time. Affiliates League view as suitable under the following circumstances: legal reasons, acquisition, bankruptcy or merge. All parties and affiliates will be notified in writing, should such cases arise. The written notification will be given by email or any other electronic ways usually used to communicate with the affiliates.

(8) In addition, Affiliates League cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect costs, damages or losses sustained by the affiliate, any losses due to business interruption, even if such losses should originate from Affiliates League being unable to run its Affiliate Program as defined in this agreement, whether it is Affiliates League′s fault or whether it is a third party′s fault.

(9) Affiliates League reserves the right to define, at its sole and complete discretion, when potential new depositors shall be validated or not. Affiliates League shall, again at its sole and complete discretion, be qualified to define when a new depositors' account be canceled if it deems needed to keep in line with the internal casino platforms' policy and/or to protect its interests.

D. Affiliate′s Obligations and Rights

D.1. The affiliate confirms and assures:

(a) He has the obligation to be actively promoting, using all the marketing tools at its disposal and making its best efforts to optimize exposure and traffic to the casino platforms managed by Affiliates League.
(b) to work from provided links, marketing material, advertising or promotion by Affiliates League only for the promotion of the casino platforms and no other material relating to Affiliates League unless given written permission.

(c) He agrees to promote and send potential new depositors to the casino platforms at its own financial charge.

(d) His marketing and promotional activities should be conducted to a high professional level, in compliance with the general regulations of this agreement. Affiliates League reserves the right to assess each affiliate's work at its own discretion, and decide terminating its partnership.

(e) to use links supplied only by Affiliates League within the range of the affiliate program.

(f) He is solely in charge of the upkeep and improvement of the affiliate website(s).

(g) to manage its website(s), company or business in a way that reflects positively on Affiliates League and its casino platforms.

(h) to uphold a proper, legitimate and professional activity in relation to its website(s) or any other electronic promotional ways as well as decent content.

(i) He will not use, on its website(s) or on any other electronic promotional ways, material deemed obscene, libelous, unlawful, discriminatory or otherwise unsuitable or which contains pornographic, obscene sexually explicit or graphically violent materials.

(j) He will make all possible efforts to restrict players under the legal age for gambling and will not appeal, expose or provide gambling in any way for people at risk or considered unfit for gambling, young people and particularly to children.

(k) He will keep track with Affiliates League of any jurisdiction where gambling and the promotion of our casino platforms is illegal.

(l) He will not send traffic to Affiliates League by fraudulent or unlawful activity, especially but not only:
(l.1.) sending spam;
(l.2.) registering and depositing as a player whether directly or indirectly, meaning, you or any next of kin may register or deposit. It will be deemed as fraud onto the casino platform and onto this agreement as an affiliate;
(l.3.) misrepresentation of the affiliate website(s) in a way it may be confused or imply Affiliates League and its casino platforms are connected on a level other than such described in this agreement.

(m) He will be subjected to the promotional material available online that will be forwarded by Affiliates League. The affiliate should not use any trademarks or other Intellectual Property Rights from Affiliates League and its casino platforms unless Affiliates League has given its prior written consent. It includes the registration and usage of domain names managed by Affiliates League containing or misspelling the names of its casino platforms, also buying PPC (search traffic) based on those domains/names/words.

D.2. Affiliates League reserves the right to block the affiliate's account and/or withhold, for an unlimited time, money from the affiliate if any traffic is considered to have been referred through unlawful/ fraudulent channels or in breach of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

E. Payments

(1) Affiliates League shall pay its affiliate a commission as agreed below. The commission may be based, according to the deal agreed beforehand with the affiliate manager, on the number of new depositors (CPA), or on the net gaming amount spend by its players at the casino platforms (rev.share), or a combination of both, or prepayment for a specific project. This list is non-exhaustive. All deals must be closed before the traffic is sent between the affiliate and Affiliates League or its affiliate managers. Payments methods must be indicated before the traffic being sent. Affiliates will be given to fill up their banking details; on no account, should an employee of Affiliates League alter, change, fill up or update those details, it is the sole responsibility on the account holder or the affiliate.

(2) The commission awarded by Affiliates League to its affiliate is calculated on a monthly basis, from the first to the last day of the month. The calculation and payment will take place between the first (1st) and the tenth (10th) working day of the following month. Please take note, payments will need to reach a certain amount in order to be sent, various payment methods will trigger different minimum amounts. Amounts too small to be sent will be credited to the next month. Various payment methods will trigger different fees, it is the responsibility of the affiliate to check upon those fees, before requesting a payment. The banking fees will be paid by the affiliate. For any payment to be sent, a request will have to be forwarded to Affiliates League or its employees. Affiliates not requesting monthly payments will cumulate the commissions onto the following month(s). The official currency for all transactions between Affiliates League and its affiliates are in American US Dollar $.

(3) In case the affiliate does not agree with his commissions, he must notify Affiliates League within two (2) weeks submitting as clearly as possible about the disagreement in question. The affiliate will find contact methods on the website or through his affiliate manager.

(4) The acceptance of payment by the affiliate will be considered as the full and final settlement of the balance due for the appropriate period.

(5) Affiliates League may freeze, at its sole discretion, the payment of any commission to the affiliate for up to one-hundred-and-eighty (180) days if Affiliates League deems relevant to investigate and cross-check all the transactions comply with the present agreement.

(6) The affiliate agrees to return the monies of commissions sent to his account based on falsified or fraudulent. It can be deducted from future commissions until all the funds have been repaid in full.

(7) The affiliate assumes full responsibility to pay any charges related to social security contributions (taxes, levies, fees, charges and any other money payable both locally and abroad to any tax authority) on his commissions received under this agreement. Under no circumstances whatsoever, Affiliates League will be held liable for any unpaid amounts found to be due by the affiliate and may have to compensate Affiliates League.

(8) The affiliate acknowledges he may be given the opportunity to renegotiate its commission structure at the sole discretion of Affiliates League.

F. Marketing Material

(1) The affiliate is given a restricted, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable right to display the marketing material supply within the range of Affiliates League on their affiliate website(s) during the duration of the agreement. The affiliate should not have any other use of the marketing material. The use of the promotional material has to be professional, proper and lawful under applicable laws. In case of doubt, the affiliate must not be entitled to sublicense or assign any right of use (in whole or in part) of the rights given.

(2) The affiliate must not modify or alter any of the promotional material without the prior permission of Affiliates League authorized in a written form.

(3) The affiliate accepts and agrees using the Internet and Affiliates League Program is at its own risk. Affiliates League cannot guarantee the accessibility of the casino platform managed by Affiliates League for any particular location or time. Affiliates League will in no case be liable to the affiliate or anyone related or not to the affiliate for inaccuracies, errors, omissions, or losses, caused in whole or in part by failures, delays or interruptions of Affiliates League program.

(4) For the duration of this agreement, all promotional materials shall be prominently displayed, as agreed between Affiliates League and the affiliate, on the affiliate website(s).

(5) The affiliate must make every effort to safeguard Affiliates League' intellectual property rights. The affiliate must not undermine nor act in an inconsistent way and harm Affiliates League ownership of any of the trademarks contained in the promotion material or the license. The affiliate must not attempt to use such trademarks as its trade name or company name, register, or challenge any logo, design, name, mark, websites or other promotional material similar or prone to confusion with Affiliates League' intellectual property.

(6) Moreover, Affiliates League reserves the right to cross-check the affiliate website(s) in order to make sure it complies with the terms and conditions of the present agreement and the affiliate acknowledges supplying Affiliates League with all reasonable data required to accomplish this monitoring.

(7) The affiliate will not take actions which will cause confusion in relation to his partnership with Affiliates League and its casino platforms.

G. Termination

(1) This agreement may be suspended, canceled or terminated without cause by either party with a thirty (30) days written notice via email to the other party. No other charges will be applied in this process. In case, Affiliates League stops offering its online gaming services to its customers through its casino platforms website this agreement will terminate automatically.

(2) In the case of breach of terms from the Affiliate part, Affiliates League will be entitled to terminate the present agreement with immediate effect by notifying in writing the affiliate.

(3) Affiliates League the right to terminate the present agreement with immediate effect by notifying in writing the affiliate in the following cases:
3.a.) Affiliates League may determine whether suspicious betting patterns and may suggest activity where new depositors are benefiting from incentives from the affiliate to recoup losses and/or other fraudulent activities. Affiliates League reserves the right to withhold any funds/ commissions accumulated from such actions.
3.b.) The affiliate ceases to do business because of financial or legal reasons, beyond his control or unexpected.

(4) Both parties agree, when the present agreement is being terminated, all rights and licenses given to the affiliate will stop immediately, and the affiliate will stop using any trademarks, service marks, logos and other designations for Affiliates League. The affiliate will remove all references to the casino platforms managed by Affiliates League from his website(s) and close any promoting or marketing activity of the brands.

(5) The affiliate will be owed the already earned and unpaid commissions after the effective date of termination, if the termination has not been a breach of contract by the affiliate.

(6) The affiliate shall not be reimbursed for promoting, advertising, market development, investments or other costs run before any termination of the present agreement.

(7) If the present agreement is canceled due to a breach by the affiliate of any terms and conditions listed, Affiliates League may be entitled to keep unpaid commissions as the termination date for any claim arising from such breach.

(8) Upon the termination of the present agreement, the affiliate will have to return any confidential or non-confidential information which is in the affiliate's custody, control, and possession.

(9) The affiliate will not hold Affiliates League from any previous or future obligations or liabilities occurring or arising after the date of termination. Nevertheless, it will not dispense the affiliate from any liabilities arising from a breach of the present agreement, which happened prior to the termination of the present agreement and/or to any liabilities arising from a breach of confidentiality even if the breach occurs thereafter the termination of the present agreement. Moreover, the affiliate's responsibility of confidentiality towards Affiliates League under the present agreement must be kept and carried on after the termination of the present agreement.

H. Confidentiality

(1) All information is confidential and must not be exploited for the affiliate's interest or any other purposes, or disclosed to any person or entity. The affiliate acknowledges he will not use the confidential information for any purpose other than its obligations under the present agreement.

(2) All information is confidential and is provided and available by Affiliates League under the present agreement and must remain the sole and exclusive property of Affiliates League.

(3) The confidentiality clause must be kept and carried on thereafter the termination of the present agreement.

(4) From 25.05.2018 Affiliates League will enforce the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter - the GDPR), the new European legislation meant to replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive. The GDPR, which can be read in full on the CNIL website, is the new Europe-wide law governing the use and processing of personal data of individuals.

I. Intellectual Property

(1) The present agreement will not award either party any title, right or interest in the intellectual property rights from the other party. Meaning, nothing in the present agreement shall represent or establish the right to any license, assignment, transfer or any other right to any intellectual property rights.

(2) During or after the time of the term of the present agreement, a party shall never try to challenge, assist, attempt or allow others to register the intellectual property rights or any similar rights to the intellectual property rights of the other party or any company belonging or in commercial, legal relation with Affiliates League.

J. Partnership Between the Parties

(1) The present agreement must not allow considering either party as an agent, employee or legal representative of the other party. The present agreement must not present either party an implied right, power or authority to enter into the present agreement, commitment or to impose any obligation on behalf of the other party.

(2) The affiliate shall not transfer or assign its obligations or rights under the present agreement without the written consent of Affiliates League.

K. Law and Disputes

(1) The present agreement shall be interpreted in accordance and will be governed by the laws of Cyprus.

(2) Each party submits to the Cyprus Arbitration Centre, Cyprus, over any matter, claim or dispute under or connected with the present agreement and/or its implementation.

(3) The affiliate shall treat all information disclosed during any case processed by the Cyprus Arbitration Centre, absolutely confidential; this will apply during the proceedings as well as thereafter.